Audio Production
& Engineering

Whether you are making your first solo album or your tenth band studio production, I can help you.

I’ve grown up in studios. My dad, Red Henry, was a sought-after engineer in Florida who built his own mixing board and recorded on big Ampex tape machines. Now, we usually track to a computer, but the commitment to achieving excellent musical recordings is the same.

Whether it’s a little demo session, guitar and vocal, or a full band or even layering track by track, I will work hard to understand the sound you are going for and help you get the best and most creative performances possible.

Having a successful mediator between you or your band and the recording can help mitigate and negotiate difficult aspects of the process. It’s easy to explore the freedom in being creative using MIDI programming and orchestration to access rare and exotic instruments, or just choose from some of the greatest samples available. Drawing from years of experience working in many different Nashville studios, I can help you arrange and produce efficiently from pre-production through tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering.

I can precisely work with the material to optimize the sound in creative and professional ways including vocal tuning, custom track blending and sequencing. Having someone with a good musical ear behind the recording can let you relax and do what you do best, make the music. Whether it’s recording to a click track with headphones on, or cutting live around a couple of microphones, we can dial in the custom recording situation that can give you the advantage you need. Keeping the atmosphere and vibe light and moving along is how I like to work. I love to help ensembles work together to optimize maximum productivity.

It’s a wonderful feeling to sit back and listen to the magical musical moments in a professionally recorded session. When you capture your best work, it is fulfillment that can last a lifetime.

  • $40 / hour
  • Cubase 24-bit Mobile Digital Recording
  • Unlimited Tracks
  • Over Ten Years Experience
  • Bluegrass/Country/Rock/Jam-Band/Hip-Hop/Electronic