Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass draw from the best years of traditional bluegrass to pick out some of the most intense songs and tunes.  Whether it’s a national festival or a small town event, Chris Henry and the Hardcore Grass will bring a powerful show full of memorable moments to diverse audiences. Founded in 2012, the group has risen quickly to be one of the most popular bluegrass groups in Nashville.

Chris has been described by the International Bluegrass Music Association as the premiere Monroe-style mandolinist of his generation.  After receiving a Song of the Year nomination for writing the song “Walkin’ West to Memphis”, his skill as a songwriter has been receiving national attention as well.  Thousands of terrestrial and Sirius satellite radio listeners have been hearing Chris’s original songs and tunes for years.  The Hardcore Grass provides a perfect backing for his brand of hard-hitting bluegrass and nail-biting intensity that he brings to his picking and singing.  His unique brand of bluegrass has been known to excite national and international audiences from front porches to the Grand Old Opry.

Chris comes from a traditional bluegrass background and blends his appreciation for the classic sound with his own creativity to stretch out into wide open spaces that have audiences riveted to hear and see what happens next.

Chris Henry Awards Nominations

  • IBMA Mandolin Player of the Year – second round nomination
  • IBMA Instrumental Album of the Year – second round nomination
  • IBMA Song of the Year Nomination for “Walking West to Memphis”
  • SPBGMA Song of the Year Nomination for “Walking West to Memphis”

Mandolin Instructor/Workshop Leader

  • Davis & Elkins College Heritage Week
  • Rocky Grass Academy
  • Colorado College
  • Florida Folk Festival
  • GambleFest
  • Will McLean Folk Festival
  • IBMM Bill Monroe Camp

Here’s what some kind folks have said:

  • Barbara Mandrell – “Best I ever heard”
  • Shawn Camp – “I hope you know, I’m aware of your high level of musicianship and am in a constant state of being blown away by you, and the fact that you elevate the standards of our group to astronomical heights… And, you can quote me on that!”
  • Roni Stoneman- “I think Chris Henrry is is the best young man or old that has happen to the world of blue grass ever,he is the kind of man needed to keep blue grass alive for ever,if he ever comes your way and ask for help,if you love blue grass please help him in all the way that is needed,im so very proud of him”
  • David Grisman – “Sounds like Frank Wakefield from 100 years in the future!”
  • Big Kenny – “Great”
  • IBMA – “the premiere Monroe-style mandolinist of his generation”
  • Bluegrass Today – “bluegrass visionary”
  • Jesse Lee Jones – “a class act”
  • Mike Bub – “one of today’s most innovative yet deeply rooted mandolin players and songwriters…..Chris innovates from within the framework laid down by the originators with taste, humor, skill and respect.”
  • David McLaughlin – “one of the best guitar players on the planet”
  • Adam Olmstead – “master picker”
  • Bill Emerson – “I like every note you play.”
  • Daniel Hall “Without a doubt, the best mandolin player that I have ever heard.”
  • Chris Stokes – “Nashville’s ambassador of Bluegrass”
  • Travers Chandler – “Chris Henry shows us how it’s done”
  • Grant Peeples – “Ralph (Stanley) was good. but Chris Henry has become one of the greatest guitar players out there.”
  • Susie Coleman – “Whoa, REAL bluegrass! Chris Henry, you knock me out.”
  • Shay Sparks – “brilliant guy and musician”
  • Mike Strangeland -”OMG… Chris you’re up there with the greats already”
  • Raynae Redman – “bluegrass served up just the way I like it.”
  • Laura Lande – “absolutely perfect way to spend my first night in Nashville!”
  • Charlie McCoin – “Awesome….Thoroughly enjoyed it.”
  • Phillip Lamonds – “One of the best!”
  • John W. Crawfod – “great band”
  • Clyde April Duke – “Had a great time in Nashville and topped it off at the Station Inn to the fabulous sound of Chris and the band Hardcore Grass. Really nice balanced sound and show all together.”
  • Josh Rilko – “He is a monster of a mandolin player and knows how to pick grass the way it was meant to be picked!”
  • Daniel McRare Fraser – “great musician and a real nice guy”
  • Hunter Merritt – “rippin’ bluegrass”
  • Dianne Sellari – “fantastic….I’ve heard Chris Henry’s latest originals and they are exceptional! He is quite the storyteller not to mention so musically talented! I was amazed that he turned out sixty songs for his mom’s b’day and each one stands alone as a hit! They ARE equally significant! I know there are many I could not get out of my head…like Medicine Man!!”
  • Michael Gordon Akers – “Chris Henry is the best guitar player and mandolin player I ever saw. He may be the best anyone ever saw. The music was uniformly excellent with intelligent lyrics and impressive musicianship and we got insight into Chris’s mind. Funny stories to lead in – remarkable that such a young man can pull off bluegrass road legends as though he had been there.”
  • Red Hickey – “You are one rockin mando picker!”
  • Sarah Talley – “Wow, you guys sound great! You are very talented!”
  • Bill Perras – “You guys absolutely rocked!”
  • François Favron – “Such great music! Bravo guys!”
  • Elliott M. Robertson – “Bluegrass with pedigree and talent secure enough to invite the audience to sing along with the standards”
  • Anonymous – “Chris’s dexterity on the guitar is beyond words.”
  • Bernie Daniel – “Chris Henry and the Hardcore bluegrass band = TOTALLY AWESOME.”
  • Mateo Ringressi – “WOW! Now that is the energy and drive that a lot of bluegrass is missing nowadays”
  • Keith Koehler – “Chris Henry is one bad ass mandolin player…I mean seriously!”
  • Parmalee Taff – “Looking good and sounding sweet!”
  • Jae Flip – “Amazing musicianship”
  • Michelle Putnam – “he plays a powerful mandolin…”
  • Herb Martin – “We all think you one of the best mandolin players in Bluegrass because you play with style,”
  • Rob Dougherty – “Sounds great!”